About Us

SX3 Custom Gloves is a family owned company that manufactures Baseball and Softball gloves for all ages, skill levels, and positions. Established by prior baseball players and our family of manufacturers, we have been making gloves for over 20 years.

The new SX3 Professional Series is made of a high-quality premium cowhide leather. SX3 wanted to manufacture custom gloves that would last for years to come, but at an affordable price. Another thought was  SX3 wanted to be able to guarantee their laces for the life of the glove, as long as the customer continues to use the SX3 glove. SX3 cuts their laces wider and thicker than most laces on the market. We are proud to say we are one of the few that offer this guarantee.

THE SX3 BREAK-IN Process is a professionally steamed system that will make your glove game-ready when received.

Ambidextrous Gloves

Can you throw right and left handed? Well here is a glove for you...

Take a look...